A grandmother saved from a hostage situation thanks to the game Wordle

Who knew a game could save a life? But this is what happened to Denyse Holt, an octogenarian American victim of hostage-taking. Light on this unusual news item.

Denyse Holt and her oldest daughter are addicted to Wordle. Every morning it’s the same ritual, the two women find themselves behind their screens playing the famous online word game at the same time. But on February 6, Denyse Holt didn’t answer the call (an appointment she never misses). Concerned by this absence, her daughter immediately called the police in suburban Chicago, Lincolnwood, for a routine visit to her mother’s home.

When the time came, the police discovered that the woman had been held hostage. The day before, in the middle of the night, a naked and bloodied man, according to the victim’s words, broke in and threatened her with scissors before locking her in the cellar. The detention lasted almost 17 hours, according to CBS

“I didn’t send Wordle to my oldest daughter in the morning. And that confused her. I didn’t think I would survive. †

Denyse Holt, interviewed by CBS

The hostage-taker, who suffered from mental disorders, was neutralized by thehas police† Denyse Holt, on the other hand, is safe and sound, but in a state of shock after this ordeal.

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