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VIDEO. Ecology: “Speechs of Unprecedented Radicalism” at Polytechnique . Graduation Ceremony

One after the other, the students of the Grandes Ecoles are now misusing the word given to them to defend loud and clear that an ecological revolution must be started immediately. After Agrotech Paris, HEC and the ENS, it is on the side of the famous École polytechnique that the speeches caused a lot of commotion.

On June 24 and 25, during the graduation ceremonies of the École Polytechnique, students from three PhD degrees took to the microphone to urge their classmates to be resolutely committed to ecology. A statement sent to the press even speaks of “reason of unprecedented radicalism in the history of the institution”† And it is true that the spoken words were not weak or lukewarm. To get an idea, take a look:

Excerpts from the video:

“We learned neoliberal economic theories and climate physics. We were forced into silence when the image of the school was at stake, as we encouraged ourselves to get involved. We were bombarded with presentations from consulting firms while bragging about state services.”

“We become technicians above ground, the best allies of a socio-economic model whose logic would be immutable.”

“We need new stories. We need to tell ourselves stories that make the future we need to build now desirable. To have fantasies that make us want to participate in them, not out of fear but with enthusiasm and passion.”

In their press release, the Polytechnique alumni at the basis of these speeches also clearly explained their approach there. fragments:

“The Ecole Polytechnique’s raison d’être is to train engineers to serve the ‘public interest’. While the concept of public interest might take on a particularly strong and meaningful meaning in times of social and environmental crisis, it is used in a vague way within the school, as it can denote both the service of the state as a civil servant, rather than a job in a large French private company. The proposed model of success ignores the environmental and social emergency and the responsibility that polytechnics may have in its aggravation, as in the answers to be given.

“Les jeunes diplômé.es s’inscrivent ainsi dans la lignée des étudiant.es de Agro Paristech, HEC, Centrale Nantes et tant d’autres qui se sont engagé.es pour que le monde de demain soit non seulement vivable, mais aussi plus just, right. She and she are calling for massive engagement at all levels and are delighted to see that they and she are not alone in the struggle, but that mobilization for environmental and social issues continues to grow.

An essential and welcome awareness that we can only welcome and encourage.

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