My tomato plant is getting too high: should I prune it?

A tomato plant grows quickly, very quickly, so much so that it can reach more than two meters in height. A big problem for all planters and gardeners So how do you stop your plant from growing while promoting its growth? Here are the steps to follow.

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Should you prune a tomato plant?

In theory, a tomato plant should not be larger than 1m50 high. And rightly so, the higher it is, the more it focuses its energy on the new stems and no longer on ripening the fruits. In other words, the legs grow at the expense of tomato production. To avoid having too imposing a plant, choose varieties of so-called “determined” tomatoes, that is, which cannot exceed a certain size (between 50 cm and 2 m).

In addition, it is advisable to cut off the tops of your tomatoes at the end of cultivation, i.e. between August and September. This trick makes it possible to concentrate the juice in the last fruits and at the same time stop the growth of the plant.

How to go further ? Take a well-sanitized secateurs with you to prevent the transmission of diseases and cut the main stem (this technique is called “topping”) above the third or fourth bouquet of flowers, leaving a suction cup at the level of the last leaf to aid fruiting. cut too secondary stems† With a tomato plant in the open ground, it is better to keep 5 to 6 trusses and between 7 and 8 in a greenhouse or tunnel.

But pruning tomatoes is not mandatory. To prevent your plant from becoming too impressive, you can horizontal posts about two meters high to allow the vines to run all the way.

And if you really don’t have a green thumb, it’s better to choose a cherry tomato plant. The reason ? Its size is determined and it does not require pruning. Moving on, here’s how to make canes for your tomatoes, plants, and roses.

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