VIDEO. “Each fox could save between 1000 and 2400 € for agriculture.”

Considered a nuisance species, the fox can be hunted all year round. In particular, he is accused of causing damage to farms and of spreading disease. However, this permanent fox hunt would cause far more problems than it solves. In any case, this is the view of many ecologists who defend a particularly strong argument: the fox could earn money for agriculture Explanation.

Yves Verilhac is director of LPO France. Asked by France 3he is categorical: “Each fox could save between 1000 and 2400 € for agriculture.” An affirmation that may be surprising, but it is nevertheless based on a line of reasoning that makes very good sense:

“A single fox eats between 4,000 and 5,000 micro-mammals (mice, voles, etc.) that are disastrous for agriculture. And when there are no more predators, then there are vole spikes and all the agricultural damage. And then what do we do? We stop poison, while the solution is natural and effective: it is the fox.”

In other words, the fox hunt would be much more harmful than the fox itself, as this species is in reality an ally of farmers in their fight against pests.

To look :

Voles and voles are a drag on farming, so we have two solutions: either let the fox do the work for free (and the fox population will regulate itself when the number of voles and voles is naturally reduced), or we kill the foxes and spread an expensive poison in the fields…

Admit that this line of reasoning is food for thought. In any case, it has already been seen for Yves Verilhac, no more doubts:

“The reality is that the fox is super helpful.”

Something to shake up a lot of prejudice.

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