VIDEO. Discover the tips of the vice world speed reading champion

Read a book in just over fifteen minutes: mission impossible? Not for Mohamed Boclet, vice world champion in speed reading. During the world championships, he read a 170-page book in 17 minutes. In an interview with Konbiniche reveals his tricks to read much faster.

Three years ago, the resident of Montpellier discovered speed reading during a discovery workshop. Since then it has become a real passion. The dyslexic schoolboy he so rediscovered rediscovered the joys of reading. In 2021 alone, he devoured more than 300 pounds. Knowledge that he is eager to share with as many people as possible to counter the growing decline in the appeal of reading.

In this autographed video Konbinic, the vice-champion distils his advice: sit quietly, put your book at 45° so as not to pull on your neck. Use an object (pen, stirrer) to follow his reading. Ignore connecting words and focus on nouns, verbs and adjectives…

“Our eyes, if we focus on one point, can see what is before and after, explains the expert. So we no longer focus on the beginning and end of sentences. We will always put our visual guide in the middle. This technique already makes it possible to gain 30% in reading speed. †

But the real secret to excelling at this “brain sport” is just practice, he explains.

A testimonial that will make you want to try this fascinating exercise…

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