VIDEO. Climate: Desperate, a NASA scientist chains himself to the doors of a large bank

Peter Kalmus, an eminent NASA scientist, an expert on the climate problem and perfectly aware of the risks facing humanity, no longer knew how to be heard and how the world should respond to the threats piling up. . † So, in desperation, he decided to chain himself to the doors of a famous bank. A moving initiative that has meanwhile spread around the world via social networks.

It happened on April 6 at the headquarters of the famous bank JPMorgan Chase, in Los Angeles. It’s here that Peter Kalmus, a NASA medalist for his extensive research on global warming, tied himself to the doors along with other scientists. His intention? Deplore the financing of oil and gas projects by the big banks and, more generally, recall that the inaction of decision-makers in the face of the catastrophe heralded by science is a real disaster.

Once he was hanging on the doors of the sofa, Peter Kalmus, his voice choking with emotion, launched a few words that were as strong as they were poignant:

“I’m here because scientists aren’t being listened to. I am willing to take a risk for this beautiful planet, for my sons. †

“We’ve been trying to warn you for so many years to stop sending carbon into the atmosphere.”

“We’re going to lose everything. We don’t joke, we don’t lie, we don’t exaggerate.”

Look :

As hard and symbolic as it is, this spirited action didn’t make the headlines, as indicated france info

“In the evening, on American TV, it was not this event that made headlines, but Elon Musk and his desire to buy Twitter, or even Rihanna’s pregnancy. The singer will soon give birth. Elon Musk has just had a baby. Peter Kalmus already has two.”

If this event finally got the echo it deserved, it’s not thanks to the mainstream media, but to the social networks that never stop relaying these images. As if the general public had identified the terrible stakes of this approach.

After this operation, Peter Kalmus was arrested and then interrogated at the station. But her action hasn’t been in vain since she’s now talking about her… and the climate threat.

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