Glass bottles: finally the great return of the locker in France?

To reduce plastic waste, the start-up Jean Bouteille offers to consume its liquid products in bulk through reusable glass bottles. Wines, oils, fruit juices, but also washing powders, shampoos or detergents… Jean Bouteille offers about a hundred liquid products through its 450 grocers and supermarkets, which are tempted by its ecological approach.

What if going back to the good old depot could be the solution to reduce plastic waste? With its dispensers for bulk liquids and reusable bottles, Jean Bouteille offers a waste-free alternative to shops and consumers.

Bulk is on the right track

Bulk sales, an effective solution to reduce packaging waste, are developing at a rapid pace. But when it comes to liquids, drinks, detergents or beauty products, it is always difficult to do without containers. However, a solution exists with Jean Bouteille, founded in Lille in 2014.

A forgotten practice that resurfaces

Gérard Bellet, the founder, evokes with emotion the depot, associated with childhood memories. “It’s gone without us realizing it, but it’s part of our heritage, our recent history, and it has this vintage charm that will probably beautify our everyday life and it’s an ecological resource.”

Jean Bouteille equips shops with fountains of oil, wine, vinegar, but also household and beauty products, and recently beer and even strong alcohol. In exchange for 1 euro, customers of the brands receive an empty bottle that can be reused at will and returned at any time. This way they reduce their waste and save money: packaging represents 20 to 25% of the final price of a product.

In France, 450 stores have already been seduced by the concept.

(ETX Daily Up)

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