VIDEO. Benjamin tells how his intergenerational roommate with Martine changed his life

By depositing his bags with Martine, Benjamin found more than a roof: an ear. The report My roommate is 72 years old broadcast on France 2, it looks back on the moving journey of Martine, retired, and Benjamin, student, who thrive in their intergenerational cohabitation.

“When I got to her house, a weight fell”entrusts Benjamin, 21, to the camera of France 2† Before meeting Martine, the student moved every two months, from couch to couch with friends. An untenable situation for Benjamin. “The Worst Time of My Life”

Martine, for her part, has lived alone since her husband left for the nursing home at the end of August 2020. To overcome loneliness and lend a helping hand to a young person in need, she contacts associations to welcome a student in difficulty to her home. † She eventually meets Benjamin through a friend.

Together they found their balance, between listening and moments of conviviality. Result, Benjamin rebuilds little by little after a difficult childhood and Martine finds the energy of her 20 years. An inspiring journey.

The roommate of Martine 72 years and Benjamin 21 years (1:15 a.m.)

Benjamin, 21, and Martine, 72, live with a roommate: this is the story of a very beautiful meeting between two generations who support each other in fragile moments in their lives. The full report can be viewed from 1:15 pm on ▶️

Posted by France 2 on Friday 11 February 2022

The full report from 1:15 pm can be seen here on the French television site.

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