VIDEO. Before his retirement, a school principal sees Julien Clerc land

We call that a big surprise. Before her last day of work in national education, 62-year-old Florence Béguignot was unexpectedly visited by singer Julien Clerc. Results ? A maximum of emotion around a beautiful tribute.

It happened in the Val-de-Marne, at the Jean-Monnet primary school in Vincennes, on June 30, the day of the retirement of the director of the establishment. While Florence Béguignot was listening to the children’s recital, she suddenly heard the singer’s voice join that of the students.

“I was already treated to a great retirement party, but this was an incredible surprise, I was very moved. I don’t think many teachers have had the right to such a departure.”

Florence Béguignot, quoted by franceinfo

The scene, very moving, was filmed. To look :

In early June I told a college mom that we wouldn’t see each other at the start of the school year because I was retiring Eight days later I got a call asking if I liked Julien Clerc, I said ‘of course’! But I thought students’ parents would just give me a present

Florence Béguignot, quoted by franceinfo

I saw nothing at all. The kids each learned the song in class and had never sung it all together before (…) If we tell the children that it is to please the headmistress, they know how to keep a secret.”

Florence Béguignot, quoted by franceinfo

The number in question was not chosen at random. It is about Misswhose lyrics pay tribute to teachers.

An unforgettable goodbye.

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