VIDEO. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls on Russians to spread the truth: a solemn speech

He is an emblematic figure of America today exposing the horror of war. In a video posted on social networks, Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a solemn message to the Russians. Objectively ? Telling the truth about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and raising awareness. Light on this speech of peace and hope.

The Austrian-American actor and politician decided to confront Vladimir Putin: “You started this war. You are waging this war. You can stop this war.” This Thursday, March 17, twenty-two days after the start of the Russian offensive, Arnold Schwarzenegger addressed the Russian people. Facing the camera, he hears “Telling the truth about the war in Ukraine” and thus denounce “Kremlin propaganda and disinformation”

But it is not a question of reprimanding civilians and soldiers, because unlike the Russian head of state, they did not want war. Above all, it is a message full of love and support for a helpless people. In this 9-minute video with Russian subtitles, the actor tells how his father, an Austrian soldier during World War II “physically and mentally broken” by Nazi lies.

“I don’t want you to be broken like my father. […] This is not the war to defend Russia that your grandfathers or your great-grandfathers waged.”

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“I speak to you today because there are things going on in the world that are hidden from you, terrible things that you need to know. […] Nobody likes to hear criticism of their government and I understand that, but as an old friend of the Russian people, I hope you will listen to what I have to say.

“I know your government told you it was a war to denazify Ukraine. It’s not true. Ukraine is a country with a Jewish president, three of whose uncles were murdered by the Nazis. Ukraine did not start the war, nor did the Nationalists or the Nazis. It was those in the Kremlin who started it. […] And 141 countries at the United Nations meeting have recognized Russia as the aggressor. They called on the country to immediately withdraw its troops.

“The world has seen your courage. We know you have suffered the consequences of your courage. You are my new heroes and you have the strength of Yuri Petrovich Vlasov.”

With these touching words, the former bodybuilder recalls his childhood idol Yury Vlasov, a Russian weightlifter whom he met in 1961. In less than 24 hours, the video has already been viewed millions of times on social networks.

An important message, benevolent and more necessary than ever

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