VIDEO. A dried-up river comes to life in Australia: rare and fascinating images

Chris Lewis, film producer and nature lover, was looking forward to this moment. For a year he had been preparing for the long-awaited ‘awakening’ of Australia’s Greenough River. And after a few days of preparation, he finally managed to film this stream in full swing.

The Greenough River, located in Western Australia, is still dry. But every year, after a period of torrential rain, it comes back to life. This spectacular spectacle lasts only a few days and delights the inhabitants of the region, starting with Chris Lewis.

“I love the transformation, the rain and the water immediately change the landscape with the animals and the colors and everything and I find that fascinating.”

Chris Lewis, quoted by Farming Weekly

After three days of trying to locate the source, the Australian finally managed to locate it and film his awakening. In a fascinating video posted to Twitter, we discover that puddles form and eventually turn into a real flood. A rare and difficult to observe natural phenomenon that we can discover below:

While this river in Greenough is a striking sight, it can also cause serious damage. Indeed, this watercourse has several permanent basins causing significant and increasingly frequent flooding. As a result, these floods are destroying farmland in the region. This worrying phenomenon is expected to worsen by 2045…

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