VIDEO. A day with a New Delhi mason: the torture of working below 50°C

For several weeks, the temperature in New Delhi has been approaching 50°C: heat so strong that it can lead to death. According to a recent study by the Met Office, such periods of extreme heat waves are becoming the norm in climate change. A disaster for construction workers, who are particularly exposed: for one day, The world followed Yogendra Tundre, a bricklayer in New Delhi.

End of the world, end of the month

The IPCC report on climate change adaptation highlights this: the most precarious are the first to be exposed to the effects of climate change. A reality that is emphasized by this poignant report from the newspaper The world : to support his family, Yogendra Tundre has to practice his profession below 50°C. A torture for this Indian mason, who explains to the journalist:

“The heat reduced our efficiency. Our contractors often scold us for this. But our body is weak and we need to rest. This is a problem because if we don’t work, what are we going to eat? †

Yogendra Tundre for The world

Under the blazing sun, Yogendra and her colleagues regularly get sick: they then have to pay the doctor 500 rupees (6.15 €), a high cost for an average salary of 34.000 rupees (430 €).

“So much pain and misery”

Doing physical work in such heat is not “just pain and misery” summarizes Yogendra. His wife Lata Tundre, also a construction worker, explains that she has to take regular time off because she suffers from dehydration.

And even when the working days are over, there is no rest: at night the mercury does not drop below 35°C.

“How can we live peacefully? You cannot rest here. †

Yogendra Tundre for The world

Food for thought, for anyone rejoicing in the early heat of this month of May.

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