VIDEO. 10 years after the loss of their dog, a couple from Vaucluse receives an unexpected phone call

A dog reappearing a few weeks or even a few months after his disappearance, these are the kind of beautiful stories we regularly come across. But a dog that resurfaces more than ten years later, that’s almost a miracle. Yet that happened last weekend. Explanation.

Fitou, a Czech bearded puppy, was adopted by Chantal and Jeannot, a couple from Vaucluse. One fine day, while Jeannot is pruning his vines, his dog, one year and three months old, disappears. Flew off. He, who nevertheless followed his master’s trail, suddenly evaporated.

Chantal and Jean don’t do everything they can to find their pet, move heaven and earth, contact their town hall, the police, the SPAs, but nothing works. Fitou remains untraceable. Days pass, weeks, months and even years. No trace of the animal… until a totally unexpected phone call from Hélène Martinazzo Bruel, head of the animal shelter in Lozère, 250 km away. They had just brought him a Czech bearded man of over ten years old, and his chip spoke: his owners are Chantal and Jeannot. At the end of the line, the couple can’t believe it: 10 years later they would find their dog.

Fortunately, the reunion was filmed. View (a signed report) BFM TV

Jeannot, interrogated by BFM TV

“Fitou is doing very well. We begin to realize what has happened to us. It’s a minor miracle. The dog is happy, he is healthy. It caused us heartache. We love animals very much. Since he recognized my voice or my smell, he has not left me, he stays with me all the time. It’s extraordinary.”

A story whose happy ending does a lot of good for morale.

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