Vegetable garden in squares: how to make your own wooden squares?

Growing vegetables in wooden beds has many advantages. This technique requires a small area and less maintenance than a regular vegetable garden. But you still need to install these famous squares in your yard. Did you know that you can build them yourself instead of buying them off the shelf? Whether you like a challenge or want to recycle wooden planks, follow the guide.

If you’ve already read our article Vegetable garden in squares: 10 tips to get started and harvest your own vegetables, then you already know that the recommended dimensions for your squares are 120 centimeters by 120 centimeters and 30 centimeters next to each other† Of course you are free to adapt to the space you have and your personal ambitions. You can buy your squares at the market, but if you feel like a DIY’er, you can also bring these supplies and tools, all recommended by the YouTube channel: Zeprofdortie.

  • a saw
  • screws
  • a meter
  • a square
  • a wooden pencil
  • grade 4 wooden formwork panels, untreated (as locally as possible such as oak, carob or chestnut, advises JardinBioBzh)
  • a geotextile tarpaulin

To make sure you don’t miss a step in making the squares, watch Zeprofdortie’s 5 min 24 video:

If you plan to place your containers on a patio or balcony, consider a base. Once your square(s) are built, don’t forget to staple a geotextile to the sides. This is not the most ecological solution, but it prevents the wood from rotting and ensures that you can keep your bins for years to come.

Voila, you just need to install your squares and fill them with branches, compost and substrate. Before sowing your first seeds. To help you, here’s the list of sowing and planting actions for the month of April.

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