A Ukrainian refugee gives birth to her baby in France: a moment of joy out of the chaos

After fleeing death, she gave birth… On Tuesday, April 5, Ludmila, a Ukrainian refugee, gave birth in France after leaving her country under the bombs. Light on a happy event that grew out of chaos.

It happened in Sarreguemines, in the Moselle. The Lorraine Republicanwho reported this birth in his columns gives details.

Ludmila, the young mother, arrived ten days ago with her two children and a baby in her belly. She is one of three Ukrainian families in shelter in the town of Sarralbe, near Sarreguemines.

The young woman, originally from Kiev, fled the city under Russian bombardment in early March with part of her family: her two children Kamilla (6 years old) and Arthur (10 years old), as well as her in-laws. Her husband, who was not allowed to leave the territory, stayed in the Ukrainian capital to defend his country.

👶 A Ukrainian refugee, welcomed in Sarralbe, has just given birth to a baby boy in Sarreguemines maternity hospital

Posted by Le Républicain Lorrain on Wednesday, April 6, 2022

So it is at home, in France, in the Robert-Pax hospital in Sarreguemines, that Ludmila gave birth to David, her third child. He’s fine, so is his mother.

Congratulations to the mother and welcome to the child. Let’s hope the future gives him the chance to get to know his father soon.

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