Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers: the repairability index will come into effect soon

The Repairability Index, which tells the public how easy or difficult it is to repair faults or replace parts, will soon be extended to new household appliances. In addition to smartphones, laptops, televisions and lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners will also be affected by the end of 2022.

Since January 1, 2021, certain categories of electrical appliances are required to display a brand new recoverability index. According to various decrees of April 22, 2022, published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday, May 4, this list extends to a whole range of household appliances, ranging from vacuum cleaners (wired, non-wired and robots) to pressure washers, including top-loading washing machines and dishwashers. . However, this text will only enter into force in six months’ time.

As a reminder, the repairability index, rated at 10, is determined by several criteria: the quality of the attached documentation, the ease of repair (removability, access to parts), the availability of spare parts, their price and a specific criterion to each category of devices (such as the age of operating systems for smartphones and computers).

The goal is to raising public awareness of the fight against planned obsolescence and to encourage consumers to repair their devices or replace certain parts where possible.

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According to a study published in 2021 by Samsung and the Ecological Transition Agency (ADEME), three quarters of the French population had already heard of this recoverability index. The French and the French are also an overwhelming majority to declare that they will take this into account when buying a new smartphone, a television or even a washing machine.

(ETX Daily Up)

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