Uyghurs: President, France must diplomatically boycott Beijing Olympics

D-2 for the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics. While Roxana Maracineanu, minister in charge of sportsprepares to join China to “support French athletes”, national pressure is mounting to diplomatically boycott the event, in support of the Uyghurs.

Like the World Cup in Qatar, the Beijing Winter Olympics are controversial. And for good reason, China will be in the spotlight for a month to make onlookers forget the horror perpetuated in Xinjiang province. Since 2016, the Chinese government has imprisoned, tortured and subjected nearly 2 million men, women and children of Turkish-speaking Muslim ethnicity to slavery. This is genocide against the Uyghurs.

“What could be more profitable than using the 375 million viewers of the Games to make people forget 50 years of bloodshed? »

And although international countries are starting to rise, the omerta continues in France. To attempt “to prevent a political delegation from becoming an accomplice of Beijing’s propaganda”activists have published a forum for Emmanuel Macron on the website of the Huffington Post. Goal ? May France diplomatically boycott the sporting event.

Among the signatories of the forum we find Dilnur Reyhan, researcher and president of the Uyghur Institute of Europe, Sybille Douvillez, national co-referrer of Place Publique Jeunes, Charlotte Seck, writer and consultant in the implementation of humanitarian programs or even the philosopher Michel Eltchaninoff.

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“Mr President Emmanuel Macron, France must diplomatically boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics: no representative of the first modern democracy in history can applaud from the stage of the first genocidal power of the century. »

“A dozen countries have already recognized the ongoing genocide. On Thursday 20 January, Mr President, our Parliament also recognized the Uyghur Genocide. So how can we applaud along with the genocidal executioners? Our online petition calling for a boycott of the Games has already garnered nearly 80,000 signatures. Will you really be the president who chooses to ignore the nation and listen to the dictatorship? »

“Yes, China is a big country. Yes, it carries an ancient culture in it. But the greatness of this nation cannot rest on the mass graves of its massacres. With this letter we are indeed denouncing the actions of the communist government. »

“France, the land of the Enlightenment, the land of human rights, cannot applaud and marvel at a genocidal power, in the shadow of 350 death camps. It would be a betrayal of our values, it would be sheer cowardice. »

Go here to sign the petition.

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