How can you help your teen with depression? A mother shares her experience on Twitter.

Repeated detentions, curfews, wearing a mask, physical distancing, cancellation of classes … Over the past two years, especially young people have suffered from the collateral damage caused by the pandemic. Isolated, more and more of them become depressed and think about suicide. A situation that often makes parents completely powerless. To help them, the mother of a teen who was hospitalized for three weeks decided to share her experience on Twitter. Are wire (series of tweets) full of benevolence soon went viral on the social network.

While requests for hospitalization in psychiatry are skyrocketing, certain services are saturated and waiting lists are growing. To tell the story of the malaise of this youth, the numbers speak for themselves: at the beginning of 2020 there were 5,000 reports of suicide attempts, today we have increased to more than 8,000 reports among 12-24 year olds.

On Twitter, the mother of the family therefore decided to share her daily life and that of her son, giving tips here and there to live with depression and gradually helping him out. Between listening, tolerance and humor, the duo progresses step by step…

Here’s his testimonial:

A powerful and precious testimony to all lost parents…..

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