Ukraine: Two French women set out to help a shelter feed its 300 cats and 90 dogs

In Ukraine, the war continues to claim casualties. And animals are part of that. On Thursday, March 17, two French women from the Landes decided to go on a mission to help a refuge in Kharkov, a city hard hit by Russian attacks. Objective: To provide the structure that has collected hundreds of animals saved from the bombs.

Valérie Hériaut is president of the shelter “Coeur à 4 pattes” in Gabarret, in the Landes. With Céline Tougne, breeder in Soustons, she set out this Thursday, March 17, to accomplish a mission of solidarity but no less dangerous. As reported France Bluethe two Landaises are planning to go to Kharkiv, Ukraine, to help an animal shelter.

The latter had asked for help on his social networks and no longer managed to feed his residents. Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the organization has collected hundreds of animals that survived the bombing. “They have 300 dogs and 90 cats and they have nothing to feed the animals. When we saw the images, it was our duty to go there.”explains Valérie Hériaut to France Blue

A solidarity convoy that is not without risk

To do their part, the two French women collected bags of kibble and pate for dogs and cats from other shelters in France. They set out this morning, the van loaded with food, for a journey that is not without danger.

The city of Kharkov, located in eastern Ukraine, is regularly bombed by Russian troops. As a safety measure, Valérie Hériaut and Céline Tougne will follow a route prepared with the help of Ukrainians and will be accompanied by an interpreter. “If we are told at the border that it is too dangerous, we have relays that can bring our supplies”indicates that France Blue the president of the Landes refuge.

Determined to show their support for the Ukrainian people and their animals, the two friends also planned to pick up a dozen cats from a shelter in Kiev and then take them to a Polish shelter. Finally, their truck will stop to supply a Ukrainian orphanage with diapers, milk and food.

A great gesture of solidarity

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