“I’ve been stuffing my stomach since I was 11”: Jamie Lee Curtis decided to take on his real body

Jamie Lee Curtis is used to being in the spotlight. Cameramen, photographers, updos and evening dresses, she knows the precepts of beauty by heart. But all these injunctions around women’s bodies are not specific to the movie world. For the American actress and director, it even started at a very young age…

Jamie Lee Curtis has been tucking her belly in since she was 11 and today she’s had enough. Will be released in darkrooms in 2022 Everything everywhere at once, a science fiction film in which she plays Deirdre Beaubeirdra, a tax inspector. In order to perfect her character and give her more realism, the actress decided to take on her real body. From now on, take off the sheath for a flat stomach, she explains in a post on Instagram.

“I made a very specific decision to give up and let go of all the muscles I used to tense to hide the reality† That was my goal.”

So, in the photo of the shooting shared on the internet, we can discover Jamie Lee Curtis in the middle of an open space, the serious look, the belly out, a cake in hand.

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Here is the message transcribed below:

“In the world there is an industry – a multi-billion, trillion dollar industry – that hides things. Correctors. body shapers. fillers. procedures. Clothes. Hair accessories. Hair products. Anything to hide the reality of who we are. I said to the entire film crew: I don’t want cover-ups. I’ve been tucking my belly in since I was 11, the age where you become aware of guys and your body, and jeans are super tight. There I decided very specifically to give up and let go of all the muscles I was using to hide reality. It was my goal. I have never felt so creative and physically free.”

An excellent way to break the dictates of beauty.

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