To help frogs and other amphibians, here’s how to set up a shelter in your yard

Who says the arrival of the beautiful days, says the return of the frogs in our gardens. And as with birds, batrachians need a little shelter to rest, escape predators or cool off on sunny days. A valuable resource for these now endangered species.

As a reminder, the amphibian population has been declining continuously for fifty years. Cause ? Chytridiomycosis, a microscopic aquatic fungus that has led to the decline of at least 500 species. [1] Hence the importance of installing a small protective canopy in your garden.

The flower pot trick

Here is the easiest, fastest and most affordable solution for all gardeners and gardeners. And the good news is that it will cost you next to nothing, especially if you already have clay containers. Bury a flower pot in a cool, shady spot so that it covers a third of the pot. If your garden is sunny, you can put a little water in the tank, if you change it regularly. There you go, it’s installed!

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Now you know what to do to protect the frogs, toads, salamanders or salamanders that live in your yard. Did you like this article? Here are 5 easy tips to welcome and protect frogs in the garden

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