These cookies, made from beans, are the first to receive Nutri-Score A . achieve

Message to cookie fans. A gastronomic and revolutionary product will soon be on supermarket shelves: MiOUM biscuits. Developed by three childhood friends who recently graduated as agricultural engineers, these cookies have the special feature of being 100% vegan and made in France. But that’s not all, they are also the first cookies that show a Nutri-Score A.

At the origin of this innovation are Robin, Cédric and Guillaume. These three former students from the School of Agricultural Engineers of Purpan, in Toulouse, set themselves the challenge of designing a sweet, gourmet but much healthier cookie than the ones commonly found in supermarkets. 20 minutes† For this they use an unexpected ingredient in a cookie recipe: white beans, from the French industry.

“It has the advantage of adding texture and replacing the technical properties of butter. It also relieves the feeling in the mouth, without affecting the taste”guarantees 20 minutes Robin Castello, one of the co-founders of the MiOUM brand. For the rest, the ingredients are all of vegetable origin. For example, we find sugar from the beet industry and almond puree as fat. A healthy composition and 50% of French origin, giving these biscuits a Nutri-Score A. A first for biscuits distributed in supermarkets.

Available from May 2022

The three young entrepreneurs from Toulouse have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of their project. An initial target of 7,000 euros has already been reached and will enable the brand to create eco-responsible packaging for its products. Next objective: reach 10,000 euros to be able to finance the raw materials for these innovative biscuits.

For now, the MiOUM brand plans to offer 4 different recipes: pecans and caramel, chocolate and raspberries, blueberries and almonds, or even cranberries and macadamia. The biscuits are made in Toulouse and will be available in supermarkets from May 2022, or for direct sale on the company’s website.

Good AND healthy cookies, what more could you want?

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