Time change: should you move your watch forward or back an hour?

In 2019, the European Parliament voted for the end of the time change, but beware, this measure is still ineffective. In other words, don’t forget to adjust your watches, because France is switching to daylight saving time!

This is news that makes millions of French people lose their heads every year. Twice a year, the time shown on our clocks moves forward or backward sixty minutes to mark the transition to winter or summer time. As the French government site reminds us, this “time change was introduced in France after the 1973-1974 oil crisis”.

But since 1998 “Time change dates are harmonized within the European Union. In all Member States, the change to winter time takes place on the last Sunday in October and the change to summer time on the last Sunday in March.” Despite the vote to abolish the seasonal change of the European Parliament in 2019, this upheaval in our daily lives has been preserved for the year 2022.

When is daylight saving time this year?

This year the transition to summer time is therefore programmed in the night of Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 March

The transition to daylight saving time will take place on Sunday, March 27, 2022 at 2 o’clock† It will be necessary to add 60 minutes to the legal time. It will be then 3 hours

So you have understood that you will be deprived of one hour of sleep this weekend to celebrate the arrival of sunny days. Here in this article are valuable tips to make it easier for the whole family to fall asleep and wake up.

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