Gender Stereotypes: How Do You Protect Your Couple From the Risks of “Romance Gap”?

It’s up to the man to take the first step, a woman should not propose marriage, the man should earn more money in the couple… You thought his ideas came from another time. And yet they are still well entrenched socially, a study shows. A phenomenon called “Romance Gap” by the dating site Bumble.

When it comes to romantic relationships, gender stereotypes are persistent. According to gender, men and women should behave in a well-defined way. According to a YouGov survey for the dating app Bumble, half of respondents think it’s up to the man to take the first step and kiss. In more than four out of ten people, the male sex must also be “boil the pan”that is, earn more money than the woman.

A gap that bears the name Romance Gap, literally translated as “love gap”. However, 85% of French men and women surveyed consider gender equality important in a couple. and 74% “recognizing that when it comes to romantic relationships, expectations and expected behaviors differ depending on gender identity”

The Romance Gap is therefore: “expected a difference in behavior between those who identify with the male gender and those who identify with the female gender in a relational and sentimental context”† This phenomenon would prompt lovers not to be themselves. One in two people would change their behavior to meet such expectations. Women are especially affected by these orders. A third of them “admit that they change their behavior to build their partner’s trust”warns the study. Results? “Nearly half of the population feels the terrifying impact of gender roles on their love lives”

*Unless otherwise noted, all figures on this Romance Gap microsite are from YouGov Plc, research commissioned by Bumble. The total sample size is 6,770 adults, including 2,069 in the UK, 1,053 in France, 1,015 in the Netherlands, 2,129 in Germany and 504 in Ireland. The fieldwork took place between January 25 and February 4, 2022. The survey took place online. The results are weighted and are representative for each of the respective countries (adults over 18).

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