Three leading brands from the plant world invite themselves to the Agricultural Show 2022

It is the biggest agricultural event of the year. The International Agricultural Show will take place from February 26 to March 6, 2022 at Porte de Versailles, in Paris, where nearly 500,000 people are expected. Animations, competitions and tastings are on the program for this 58th edition with several stands in the field of breeding and gastronomy. But 2022 marks the year of change and innovation for the Show: vegan brands make their debut alongside traditional exhibitors. The French start-up La Vie Foods, which specializes in plant-based alternatives to bacon and pork belly, will be on stand B006 in pavilion 2.1 until the end of the show. Spanish vegetable “meat” brand Heura Foods is also located in hall 5.2, booth B042, where it offers tastings of its showpieces. Finally, the French start-up Les Nouveaux Affineurs, specializing in faux mages, is located in Pavilion 4, Stand D070. The latter acts as a pioneer as she has been present at the event since 2018.

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“When we are there, one day the animals will no longer be there. Let’s show the public, let’s show breeders and farmers that a different future, that a different diet is possible.”, we read on the Instagram account of Heura Foods France. La Vie for its part has even decided to present an “unofficial muse” of the Show in the person of Violette, a sow of the Refuge GroinGroin who is supposed to “to represent all less fortunate pigs”“Because a pig is better as a muse than as pieces of bacon”explains the brand in an Instagram post.

The three brands will be present until the end of the event, on March 6. On their social networks, they communicate every day about the reception reserved for them in the Salon, “95% positive”, according to La Vie. Another proof that plants are gaining ground, also at the Salon de l’Agriculture.

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