This young Greek beekeeper shares his passion for bees on Tik-Tok

Haris Stamatis is a young Greek beekeeper. On his Tik Tok account, which has nearly 500,000 subscribers, he shares educational content about bees. An unexpected success on social networks that the young man attributes to sharing empirical knowledge, the fruit of time spent with bees

Photo: Tik tok Haris Stamatis

Greek bees top the list

Haris Stamatis did not expect it: within a few days he became a star on Tik Tok. He tells about one of his first videos for the Greek weekly LIFO. We see “a bee that gathers pollen and carries it around the honeycomb. † For the young beekeeper “It was something normal, nothing impressive. † But from the start, his videos went viral.

“I think the Tik Tok algorithm must have had a terrible lack of animal and wildlife content, or maybe there’s something that people really liked. I can’t explain it.”

Haris Stamatis for LIFO

International Mail tells us that the young influencer has since published impressive videos, such as the one in which we see him with 6,000 bees around his neck. However, what he prefers is to talk about his passion through educational content.


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The passion of bees

From an early age, Haris Stamatis cultivated an insane love for bees. “My grandmother used to tell me a lot of stories about honey“, he says before LIFO. He then goes in search of his first bee and offers to trade it for one of his canaries to anyone who will listen.

“What drives me crazy about beekeeping is the tranquility it brings, a bit like you feel when you are at sea. that you create, you rejoice, because you are the person who helps them do their job

Haris Stamatis for LIFO

The recipe for success

For Haris, it would have been enough to share his passion to spark a wave of social networks: according to the young beekeeper, the recipe for this success is the sharing of empirical and non-book knowledge.

“I tell them things they don’t know about bees, and today it’s very rare for anyone to hear empirical information gathered from watching bees for hours on end, not just reading. †

Haris Stamatis for LIFO


δουλειά 🔥🔥#orinimelissa

ήχος – Μέλισσα

Today, the young beekeeper assures us that if he hopes to generate income from his activity, it will never come at the expense of the bee colonies. The basic principle: don’t do it “Force to be more productive. †

We hope he will harvest the honey from his work!

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