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This little-known ingredient could replace mustard in our recipes and our plates

It’s an old vegetable. It doesn’t need to be cooked and you can absolutely use it to replace the mustard that’s currently missing from the shelves. We tell you everything about horseradish!

Where’s the mustard? The indispensable spice has just been added to the list of ingredients missing from supermarket shelves due to global warming – the mustard seed crop was hit by drought in Canada last year. A good opportunity to discover an ingredient whose use has been lost and which will easily replace all preparations that require the spiciness of mustard. Do you know horseradish?

Tall and earthy in appearance, this perennial visually approximates salsify, with a much larger girth. Be that as it may, we remain in the registry of the ancient vegetable. Horseradish hides its game perfectly, because behind its peeling skin is a taste that tickles the tongue. You could have guessed it by knowing the origin of his name; “raiz” means “root” in old French, while the second syllable makes sense…

How to use ?

Fresh horseradish is very easy to prepare in the kitchen. After peeling, it is grated to flavor raw vegetables or raw fish. It is better to sprinkle it with lemon juice if you peel it beforehand, otherwise it will turn black. Otherwise, it is also found as a ready-made spice in delicatessens. Know that you can also make a hot sauce with horseradish.

Apart from the modern recipes of some adventurous chefs, the uses of horseradish are not legion in French culinary culture, with one exception. It is a “must-have” with sauerkraut. No wonder, as Alsace is the only place in France where production is maintained – albeit difficult to sustain. Alélor claims to be the only French company that processes horseradish roots from Alsace. Only 17 farmers maintain this harvest, which is more common in the consumption habits of the Germans and the English.

Since fresh horseradish is not always easy to find at the greengrocer, you know that you can also harvest it in your vegetable garden. The carrot is planted next to the potatoes. It requires regular watering while not afraid of the winter season that does not even require protection of the earth. It is better to start planting now because you will have to wait at least a year after establishing the seedling.

Note: Simply place the carrot in a damp cloth to keep it in the fridge for several weeks. Grated and mixed with the same amount of vinegar, it can also be kept in the freezer.

If not, know that chances are you’ve tasted horseradish before without knowing it… The cheap wasabi you’ll find in Asian supermarkets isn’t actually made with the famous Japanese root (which is against exorbitant prices). prices is sold). It’s horseradish hiding in these little green tubes…

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