Good news, breakfast is gaining ground among high school students

Known as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is making a strong comeback in the habits of young people. According to a survey, 79% of them eat breakfast before going to class. Good news

It was said that he was not liked among young people. Signs of rebellion or of living too fast, the image of the toast being swallowed on the way to school would not be reality. Indeed, 79% of high school students eat lunch before class, reports an Ifop* survey for the French Breakfast collective, in partnership with the Lactel Corporate Foundation. The average time would be 12 minutes.

As adolescence progresses, there is a decline in the number of breakfasts per week for girls, from 4.6 breakfasts for 6th graders to 3.7 for 3rd graders.

“Breakfast provides the energy and nutrients needed to start the day right”, underlines the collective of the French breakfast in a press release. Sign that the parents are not mistaken, they are for 89% to consider it an “essential meal”. Two-thirds of them consider it the most important meal of the day.

Rebalancing breakfast

“Breakfast, as part of a balanced diet, should cover at least 25% of the daily energy requirement.”

National Health Nutrition Program.

Only 34% of teenage girls and boys eat a full breakfast, including a cereal product, a dairy product and a fruit product. 88% of students eat a cereal for breakfast, such as brioche, cornflakes or bread. Dairy products follow with 68% and fruit products with 53%.

To give the students the right reflexes in the morning, the French Breakfast collective offers “strengthening nutrition education” during the school career, “maintain, where the situation requires, the free breakfast system in schools” and from “simplify and improve the accessibility of the European programs ‘Fruit & vegetables at school’ and ‘Milk & dairy at school’”.

*Study conducted in March 2022 with a representative sample of 480 high school students divided by class level (allowing for an analysis of 120 high school students per class level).

(ETX Daily Up)

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