This kit grows peas and turns them into sausages

No, the sausage is not just beef, pork or mutton. It can also be made with… peas. The proof: Swedish brand Peas of Heaven will send you a production kit to grow it at home. In return you get sausages. A great find!

The initiative is as original as it is smart in ensuring perfect communication around plant-based alternatives to meat. In Sweden, the small family business of the Peas of Heaven brand encourages consumers to put on their garden boots to participate in the production of meatless sausages. While the company is outlining a formidable promotional campaign, it wants to involve consumers in the production process by offering them to grow peas at home.

Do you have green fingers? Peas of Heaven has it all. Plant packs have been created and shipped to customers who order products from their online store. They receive seeds, an instruction booklet and a bag in which the growers have to return their harvest.

After fifty days – the theoretical time for the Peas of Heaven peas to grow – they will indeed have to be returned. In return, budding growers get vegetable sausages made from the peas they have (theoretically) grown at home.

This initiative, developed in collaboration with the advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors, consists of raising awareness around the idea that sausages are not necessarily made of meat. According to estimates, the vegetable sausage market should weigh $8.3 billion by 2026, with an annual growth rate of 11.3%.

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