Dijon: A father takes his two sons on a “no limit” shopping trip. They leave with 80 pounds.

The book is not dead! The proof with this Dijon family whose story has been running on social networks for a week. On Twitter, the father alias @Croustiflex1 shared his epic on Cultura on Friday, July 8 with his two sons, 8 and 9 years old. A shopping trip like no other because, as he explains in a thread on the social network, the father gave carte blanche to his children to buy all the books they wanted. The only limitation: they each had to be able to carry their shopping cart to the checkout. Result, a very salty bill of more than 600 euros, two children in the well-stocked library and internet users more inspired than ever!

This amazing idea inherited the father of the two novice readers from his father. When he was little, the latter had done the same to him. In 1995, during a trip to a supermarket, he told her: “you can take all the ‘goosebumps’ you want“. The supermarket shelves were just filled with copies of the horror book series. A godsend for the child of that time who had a field day.

“I couldn’t believe it, but I came out with dozens of books, I was the happiest kid. I’ve never forgotten this moment, especially since my parents weren’t rolling in gold”he says in a message on Twitter.

“Yesterday was the anniversary of his death. And I hope he will be happy wherever he may be, he who couldn’t meet his grandchildren because he left too young.

“Take all the books you can carry”

Arriving at the Toison d’or shop in Dijon, the family’s father barely has time to instruct his two sons as they fly off already, cart in hand:

“Take all the books you can carry.

Indeed, according to the video published on the social network, the two young Dijonnais were not asked to raid the store’s shelves. Result of their loot: almost 80 books, mainly mangas and comics. “I wish they had leaned a little more into the novels”he confides amused to our colleague van France 3 Burgundy.

Then comes the painful moment of reckoning. With a throat infection, he awaits the final verdict: 624.69 euros. “After that it was planned. I put some money aside so I could pay it.”he explains to France 3.

An expensive tribute that made people happy, and especially inspired many internet users who responded on Twitter explaining that they wanted to do the same with their children. Like what, despite the hegemony of screens, the taste for reading has not disappeared. And that’s good news!

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