This is why you should stop feeding birds in the garden

Have you installed a feeder in your yard? At the beginning of spring it is time to let the birds eat themselves. Here is the important recommendation from the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

Why should we stop feeding the birds?

unsuitable food

Spring rhymes with blooming and… breeding season. If you’ve made a habit of feeding the birds in the yard this winter (which is a great initiative), now is the time to stop. And rightly so, as soon as the nice weather arrives, many species become insectivores. No more fat balls and seeds, now the birds are full of insects.

Disease transmission

But that’s not all, food bowls are also breeding grounds for bacteria, hence the importance of cleaning them regularly. The LPO recalls that: “the concentration of birds around feeding sites increases the risk of disease transmission and the rate of predation by wild or domestic animals.” These infections can have serious consequences for the laying of birds. Eggs laid too early can indeed “lead to excessive infant mortality”

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When should you stop feeding the birds?

The League for the Protection of Birds recommends stopping feeding birds in the garden from the end of March, i.e. from now on. But be careful, don’t stop everything overnight. Gradually reduce the amount of seeds and fat globules “to stop all food after 7 and 10 days”

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What about water bowls?

In both winter and summer, birds need water to stay hydrated, cool down, or wash their feathers. So remember to fill the water troughs in your garden and, above all, to change the water regularly. Indeed, like feeders, water points are real breeding grounds for bacteria. Here are the steps to take to properly clean them.

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There you go, now you know what to do to take care of the birds. Did you like this article? Here’s how to encourage bird nesting in your yard.

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