La Vie launches its first national poster campaign to promote meat without meat

The vegan start-up La Vie is still being talked about. After being the second most visited stand at the Agricultural Show, the French brand has just launched its first national poster campaign. Since March 14, advertising posters of La Vie have been present in 13 cities in France (the full list can be found here) to announce the national launch of its “vegetable bacon bits”. In bus shelters, on the Paris metro or even on a gigantic tarpaulin rolled out at Porte de Clichy, the brand sends out unified messages praising the merits of plants, with a touch of humor specific to the brand.

“You Already Missed Bitcoin, Don’t Miss These Pieces Of Bacon” or “Have you tried nitrite-free pork? Discover Pork Without Pork” are among the slogans the start-up has chosen. In total, the campaign contains 5 different visuals that you can find here. What do you see the vi(ll)e in pink, to use the words of the brand.

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