This haute couture dress is vegan: it is made from… cocoa beans. A first.

The Dutch Iris van Herpen made an impression during the parade to mark the 15th anniversary of her home on 4 July, parading in a spectacular vegan haute couture dress. In collaboration with the ice cream brand Magnum, the fashion designer is betting on a technology she masters to perfection, 3D printing, to design a dress from used cocoa bean husks. A first.

Iris van Herpen is one of the most avant-garde fashion designers, who has been making sculptural and futuristic clothing from innovative materials and techniques since her inception, making use of new technologies. The fashion designer is also the first to experiment with the infinite possibilities of 3D printing, further sublimating the body in motion. On the occasion of the parade to mark the 15th anniversary of her house, Iris van Herpen went one step further by presenting her first vegan haute couture dress. A creation that has not gone unnoticed.

Inspired by the Magnum Vegan ice cream range, the dress is made from used cocoa bean husks, processed to create an organic biopolymer material. Made possible by 3D printing, and more specifically by the selective laser sintering process, this creation is embellished with numerous details, such as plant ornaments covered with copper, curtains made from recycled organza and gilded, and other equally intricate ornaments.

“I am honored that Magnum has been approached as a partner to bring the Magnum Vegan Dress to life. As a designer I have always worked to push the boundaries of design and this collaboration has really taken us one step further by connecting the ingredients of the iconic Magnum Vegan to create a high fashion design. The opportunity to work with the brand on such a sustainable fashion innovation was an exceptional experience.”

Iris van Herpen in a press release

It is French supermodel Cindy Bruna who has been chosen to present this world premiere on a stage at the Élysée Montmartre. Title “Metamorphism”The haute couture collection autumn-winter 2022 by Iris van Herpen consists of sixteen futuristic-looking silhouettes that refer to the different identities that you may or may not have in the new virtual worlds.

(ETX Daily Up)

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