Before you go on holiday, make some water gel for your plants

Since the summer holidays have just started, you probably have houseplants or potted plants in your house that need water. If you haven’t found a family member or neighbor to take care of your plants while you’re away, don’t panic! There is another solution to give your plants enough water. Which ? We explain everything in this practical article.

It can be disconcerting to leave your plants out for a few days or a few weeks, especially in the summer when they sometimes need more water than the rest of the year. So to give your plants enough water, without having to take them on holiday, there is a solution: gelled water that you will put at the base of your plant. Thanks to this method, the water will flow slowly into the soil and your plants can get through the summer without any problems.

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You can buy this ready-made jelly water commercially or make it at home. To do this, here’s a recipe, spotted on the site at 6:39 PM:

Materials and ingredients needed:

  • A 500 ml bottle
  • 375ml hot water
  • 2 grams agar agar or 4 sheets nutritional gelatin
  • Silicone ice cube or muffin tin

Mix the agar-agar and hot water in a bowl. Then pour into your mould. Let rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours. And voila! You’ll be quiet for about two weeks.

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