This funny wine with a great recipe wants to reconcile the English… with broccoli

We all shuddered at that pile of withered, tasty broccoli when it appeared on our plates in the cafeteria. You may be able to regain your judgment thanks to a brand new wine that uses this green vegetable as an ingredient.

Here’s a new recipe that still risks serving the idea that the English don’t know how to cook… Nevertheless, there is inspiration in the concept of this wine of a whole new kind, shall we say, special. Head to Devon, a county in the southwest of England where Lyme Bay Winery is located. The estate has partnered with a brand that has made broccoli its favorite production. The aim of the project was to bring the herbaceous flavors of the famous vegetable into Bacchus’ drink. More specifically, the recipe involved dipping the broccoli in a Chardonnay juice from a 2019 harvest.

Logically, the nectar is tinged with a pretty green Shrek-style dress (in a less intense version, we reassure you). The brand that supplied the broccoli, Tenderstem, makes no secret of its ambition: to help consumers appreciate their star vegetables better. The bottle was officially launched on the occasion of a national holiday dedicated to celebrating England’s wine terroir. The festivities have just come to an end and broader marketing is planned for this summer.

It’s not the first time a vegetable with a bad reputation has been used in alcohol production, by the way. In 2019, a Scottish distillery based in Edinburgh (Pickering’s Gin) had found nothing better than infusing its gin… with Brussels sprouts!

(ETX Daily Up)

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