An Indonesian designer invents a small electric motorcycle that runs on solar energy

The future of electric charging may become clearer with the advent of many more or less successful solar projects. The principle is to take direct advantage of the sun to charge your batteries throughout the day, instead of having to find a terminal to charge your car or use a household socket for your bicycle or scooter battery.

The latest concept in this field comes to us from Indonesia, where a designer, Fajar Ismail, imagined a funny little electric motorcycle with a solar panel. This project, called Stellar Landcraft, is very much inspired by the Atom Alpha from the Indonesian manufacturer Quest Motors, to which it has added Ohlins suspension, a new seat and a screen where the driver can find all the useful information about, in particular, the level of the charge of his battery.

Installed just in front of the seat, where the fuel cap is usually on a “classic” motorcycle, this small solar panel allows continuous charging of the machine while parked outside. Even while driving, it continues to collect energy.

For now, this is just a graphic designer’s delirium, but the idea of ​​solar energy as an energy source for electric vehicles is gaining ground. This is already the case, for example, with Hyundai, which has installed a sunroof on its Sonata, but also with the Municipality of Munich, which is currently experimenting with buses that are also equipped with a sunroof, or even with a Canadian start-up that produces small autonomous boats. has developed that are equipped with solar panels.

(ETX Daily Up)

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