This committed brand delivers healthy groceries at home, accessible to everyone.

Have you already made the food transition for fruit and vegetables, but are you struggling to miss the products from the supermarkets? Omie & Cie helps you take the step towards 100% sustainable food with a range of healthy groceries accessible to everyone. Launched just over two years ago, Omie & Cie presents itself as a real alternative to the supermarket. His credo: transparency.

No more ten kinds of Provençal tomato sauce, no more long minutes of hesitating looking at labels and wondering which is the healthiest, the least salty or the one with the fewest additives. Omie & Cie focuses on the essentials and offers one reference per product, in its best version. Pesto, apple juice, pasta, chocolate, tomato sauce, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, here are the products you can find on the Omie & Cie website and the app from a catalog of more than 200 products.

Home delivery by minimizing the number of intermediaries, Omie & Cie .’s groceries are directly developed with more than a hundred farmers and manufacturers† And if this brand is committed to “eat better” can guarantee the traceability of all its products, this is because it is involved in all stages of the food production chain, from the choice of the producers to the processing of raw materials.

Visual: © Omie & Cie

Products that reconcile producers and consumers

In fact, for every product sold, Omie & Cie indicates what the producer and processor earn and makes the distribution of costs visible of each. A way of “reconcile the world that produces with the world that consumes”for Coline Burland, one of the four co-founders of Omie & Cie and director of the bid. “We operate in a food system that sells products without having to worry about who makes them or where they are grown”, explains the company, which plans to rethink our way of producing and consuming as opposed to mass distribution circuits. Starting with the label.

This is how you will find on every product available in the Omie & Cie application:

  • Distribution of production costs
  • Producer and Manufacturer Partners
  • The list of ingredients and their origin
  • A Yuka rating and its Nutri-Score
  • The packaging used and the possibility of recycling

For example, by browsing the application, we learn that Granny & Cassis apple juice is made in France from French apples produced in Maine-et-Loire. Other interesting information: on a 75cl bottle for €2.92 (ie €3.89 per litre), €0.44 is donated to the apple producer and €1.22 to Pom’Evasion, the juice producer. In the case of flour, the guaranteed compensation to Omie & Cie’s partner farmers is €350 per hectare, or €100 more than the conventional average.

Visual: © Omie & Cie

As you will have understood, it is by limiting the number of intermediaries that Omie & Cie can offer prices that are accessible to the consumer and that allow operators to cover their cost, or even earn a salary. But it is also and above all a matter of “Rethinking our way of producing and consuming by asking ourselves how we can produce differently to deal with meteorological incidents”

The aim: to stimulate and develop, thanks to a team of agronomists, resilient agriculture, respect for the soil and resistant to climate shock. A subject “often forgotten”according to Coline, for whom? “Soil occupies a central place in the climate issue”. In fact, just like oceans or forests, the soils can absorb large amounts of CO2. An important asset in the fight against global warming and the targets to reduce greenhouse gases…

The Cordier family, apple growers in Maine-et-Loire / Photo: © Omie & Cie

To develop the transition to regenerative agriculture

So regenerative agriculture, quèsaco? It is a set of agricultural practices that aim to regenerate soils depleted by intensive farming and restore biodiversity. The goal: to restore the natural properties of the soil to retain CO2 and combat global warming, for example through less plowing, crop rotation or even grazing. For Omie & Cie yes “the road we need to take to ensure that in 10 or even 30 years we can farm in France, in Europe and in the world”

To do this, the brand only works with producers and processors who are committed to sustainable and regenerative practices. A means to support good agricultural practices and make food healthy “lever for positive impact on the climate”† True to its values, Omie & Cie also tries to reduce its packaging as much as possible. To replace, for example, plastic films, the company has the label “B Corp”has opted for 100% recyclable packaging, usually on paper.

Want to adopt 100% sustainable food † Visit the Omie & Cie online platform and discover his healthy groceries accessible to everyone

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