5 unstoppable tricks to bring light to a dark garden

Having a garden at home is an undeniable luxury. But depending on the location, lighting and height of the surrounding buildings, it can be a bit dark at times. Don’t panic, between gardening and decorating there are many tips to bring light to your small piece of land. Here are our tips for getting the most out of your garden.

Trimming hedges and trees

It makes sense, but hedges that are too high or trees that are too large will block the sun’s rays and leave your yard in the dark. To let the light in and illuminate your outdoor space, a small size is essential. Be careful, between April 1 and July 31 it is forbidden to trim hedges and cut trees on and along agricultural plots. This legal obligation aims to preserve birds during their breeding period. So be sure to pick your time to continue pruning.

Focus on dazzling flowers

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Flowers are the queens of the garden. Decorated with their dazzling colors, they bring charm and cheerfulness to your exterior. But the palette is wide and to bring light into your Eden it is essential to choose the right strain to plant. Indeed, the flowers contrast with the dark foliage of the shrubs and shrubs, so they are real allies. In this vein, the white or pale pink flowers of a hydrangea, a camellia or a snowball bush will beautifully illuminate your garden.

Play with light thanks to reflections

It is known to brighten a dark room, nothing beats mirrors. Thanks to the reflections they send back, plays of light make it easy to illuminate a room. What if we told you that this trick works in the garden too? This is a trend that is gaining traction in outdoor decoration. In addition to multiplying the sun’s brilliance, the mirrors also allow you to add depth to your little corner of paradise. A great way to play with perspectives. However, make sure that these do not disturb the birds.

By making a small pond, you can also bet on the reflection of the water. A natural and rural version that could seduce you.

Dare the color side decoration

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White is fine, but certain colors can also bring light into your garden. So think about it carefully when you arrange it. Table, chairs, sofas, armchairs or loungers can therefore make you gain in brightness if you opt for bright colours. In this vein, yellow, water green or sky blue are as trendy as they are cheerful. For a more natural look, rattan furniture adds a little exotic touch without darkening the decor.

Choosing the right materials for your terrace

Whether you decide to build a patio, a driveway, or both, pay close attention to the choice of materials. For the chosen stones and pavers, opt for light shades such as beige or light gray that reflect the light more. If you’ve chosen a wooden deck, bet on a brighter variety that ages without darkening over time.

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