This coffee machine supplier wants to introduce a waste-free break in the workplace

Are you about to bring your own thermos, as your work thermos is closer to the juice of a sock than a real coffee taste? In addition, do you think that the amount of disposable cups they produce is not very ecologically sound? But have you already tried the Expresseau business coffee machines? Company founder, Grégory Vignon, invites companies to opt for quality coffee by reducing the use of disposable cups as much as possible. Discovery.

Can you introduce us to Expresseau?

At Expresseau, our mission is to provide high-quality corporate coffee breaks. This forces us to select the best coffees, the best machines, to guarantee impeccable service to our customers and also to contribute to making their coffee breaks greener. That’s why we only offer coffee beans roasted with local artisan roasters without unnecessary and polluting pods.

We also make sure to reduce the use of disposable cups as much as possible by providing a mug to all users during installation. More than 90% of our machines don’t even pour cups automatically. The coffee grounds are then collected from our customers to be valued. Then we give it a second life in innovative bio-energy, in agriculture, in candles, in soap… Even the packaging of our coffee bags can be returned to achieve our goal of zero waste during the coffee break!

Visual: © Expresseau

Why did you decide to start? in this adventure?

One day we bought a coffee machine that produced bad coffee that even three sachets of sugar couldn’t soften… We replaced it with a coffee pod machine, but it produced mountains of useless waste, without completely satisfying our taste buds.

Convinced that coffee in the company is a criterion for internal satisfaction, we thought about a machine that can produce quality coffee without capsules. Our goal: to democratize the quality coffee break in business. Today, thousands of companies rely on us to offer their employees a new approach to coffee breaks, with respect for people and the planet.

What message do you want to pass on your action?

In France, about 500 million capsules are consumed per year, or 1.37 million per day. However, nothing beats the incomparable taste of a freshly roasted coffee bean! By offering them quality coffee machines, we want to help companies put an end to the coffee capsule craze.

Thanks to our machines, by 2021 we have reduced our customers’ waste by more than 80 tons of coffee grounds and more than 12 million capsules, or 24 tons of aluminum if this coffee was consumed in capsules. †

BEEcoffee maker, you craveinvolve your company in a zero-waste coffee break † Go to the Expresseau website and discover everything its range of sustainable and ethical coffee machines.

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