The leading Dutch supermarket will offer a large proportion of vegan products by 2030

The leader of Dutch supermarkets, Albert Heijn, is strengthening its strategy to encourage the adoption of a plant-based diet by everyone. The brand wants 60% of the protein sources distributed in its stores to be of plant origin by 2030. To do this, Albert Heijn has significantly expanded its range of vegan products by adding 150 new references, in addition to the 1000 products that have already been sold . Among the showpieces of the private label we find in particular a hamburger consisting of a bean pancake, the latter grown locally in the Netherlands, an alternative to caviar made from seaweed or even a “shawarma” with mushrooms.

To make the vegan diet more accessible, Albert Heijn also doubled the number of meat alternatives sold at or below their meat equivalents. The vegan movement is gaining momentum in the Netherlands and the largest supermarket chain wants to follow and support this growth. Last year, Albert Heijn had expanded its range of faux mages, which increased sales in the country by 400%.

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