This bar only broadcasts women’s sports. Result ? Great success!

Sport, a male activity reserved for men? Those who still believe in this kind of nonsense can get angry (again): in Oregon (USA), a new kind of bar just opened its doors. Its peculiarity? It only broadcasts women’s sports! A great first that is already being received with great success and which could very well be imitated everywhere. explanation.

Called The Sports Bra, this establishment was born thanks to the imagination and will of Jenny Nguyen, the owner of the place. The idea came to him as a result of a small disappointment reported by West France

“It all starts with a trip with friends to a bar where sports are broadcast. And surprise for the friends, no image of the women’s final in university basketball on the screens of the establishment.

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So here’s priority to women’s sport. Asked by Radio Canada,,Jenny Nguyen wants to add one more important detail: her bar is of course open to men.

“This is not a women’s sports bar, but a women’s sports bar. †

The sports bra has five screens… If no channel broadcasts women’s sports, they all stay off. This is the rule, but it is also a way of exposing the lack of media coverage of sportswomen.

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“Thousands of people have told me that they’ve been waiting their whole lives for a place like this, a place they love to go with their daughter.”

Jenny Nguyen, quoted by Radio Canada

Good idea.

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