This association guides homeless people to a new life

Often temporary and without long-term support, homeless shelter schemes do not lastingly solve the problem of homelessness. So, to fight against the infernal spiral of exclusion, the association roof for me, we told you about hereoffers a real support project with housing at the heart of its strategy.

“When we’re at the bottom of the hole, we don’t see the solutions. It’s a vicious circle: no housing, no work…”, said actress Juliette Binoche about her past on the street, in an archive video broadcast on the set of It is up to you (France 5). It was January 6th to mark the release of the film Ouistreham† We all know the adage: to find shelter you need resources and to find a job you need an address. It is the snake that bites its own tail.

Sometimes even work is not enough, as access to housing has become difficult and the inequality gap has widened. According to the latest census by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee), nearly a quarter of homeless people had a job in 2012. So to help people in difficulty to take control of their lives, the Toit à Moi association is stepping aside and considering housingno longer as an emergency solution, but as a first step towards reintegration

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Housing as a springboard

And for good reason, “It’s not enough to house the homeless, we have to help them change their lives”, emphasizes Denis Castin, founder and general representative of the association. He strives: “housing should be” a springboard to reintegration† That is the whole purpose of Toit à Moi, which helps people in very precarious situations. through the purchase of apartments

It is the method of “housing first”literally “housing first”† The principle is simple: thanks to the donations of the godfathers and godmothers of the association, Toit à Moi buy apartments in which, for the time needed for their reconstruction, it welcomes homeless people.

Freed from the urgency of finding housing, they simultaneously benefit from:ongoing and personalized support that helps them rebuild, regain confidence and bounce back. Because “It’s not because we build houses that we take people off the street”, warns Denis Castin. “When they come to us, they have countless insurmountable problems; family, financially, medically…”

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Towards a new life plan

So to help them find solutions on their problems and draw with them the outlines of a new life plan (work, training, etc.), the Toit à Moi association offers them personal support from professional social workers. The association also works hand in hand with medico-social players such as psychologists and doctors to meet all their needs.

The keys to get there? “Trust, time and desire”said the founder of the association. To be accompanied by Toit à Moi, a person must also:

  • Being in an emergency in housing
  • Have some degree of autonomyallowing it to integrate individual homes
  • Have the will to be guided in his reintegration project

When she starts to get a concrete life project, when she has found a job and when she feels ready for it, she can leave the Toit à Moi schedule to take control of your life on your own† She then leaves her apartment, which can then accommodate another person and help rebuild.

In practice, if 120 people donate €20/month, the association can repay the loan for an apartment of €120,000! Thanks to the sponsors of the association, Toit à Moi has already acquired 40 apartments and guided many people on their way to a new life.

Do you want to contribute to this great human adventure on your own scale? You can offer housing to a homeless person and go from indignation to action secure the website of the association Toit à Moi

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