This app can recognize more than 300 diseases by scanning a patient’s face

An application specializing in facial recognition, Face2Gene, can diagnose more than 300 rare diseases. This feat is possible thanks to the symptoms that the disease leaves on the face of a sick child.

Facial recognition continues to amaze. This technology is widely used in social networks and is also developing in the medical field. According to an article published in the Wired media, the Face2Gene application can identify more than 300 diseases by simply scanning a patient’s face. Thanks to an update, which incorporates a new algorithm, more than 800 additional diseases are mapped.

How? ‘Or what? Moti Shniberg, the engineer behind the app, noted that doctors can use the appearance of a child’s face to identify a rare disease. Because these pathologies can leave clues on the faces of toddlers.

This facial recognition specialist is developing a machine learning algorithm with his start-up FDNA, the first result of which is the release of Face2Gene in 2014. He bases this on the experience of his previous start-up, which started in 2012.

However, this technology has flaws. Specialists recognize that their application cannot detect most genetic diseases. In question, precisely their rarity. In order to recognize a disease, the artificial intelligence must have at least seven photos of patients suffering from this condition.

In anticipation of the next update, this application has thousands of users around the world.

(ETX Daily Up)

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