An association in Marseille wants to create a label against sexism in the workplace

The majority of women think that gender equality is not satisfactory in the professional sphere, reveals the Women’s Foundation in its “Priority(s) women” barometer, conducted with Kantar Public. Given this observation, how can the working conditions of employees in French companies be improved?

To meet this need, the association BPW Marseille Métropole has launched a major project: to create the first French label exclusively dedicated to the fight against sexism in the workplace, reports the Parisian

“We are in the pilot phase until the end of the first semester and are building this label together with four partner companies. It will be deployed in beta testing phase in 2022 before deployment in 2023.”, specifies Marie Desportes, head of the Bye Bye Sexism committee of the Marseille association. The latter brings together 50 companies, including 4 working on this label project.

5 themes explored

Specifically, the label includes practices within companies, by means of a questionnaire for employees, around 5 themes:

  • HR practices
  • Employee judgments and representations in relation to sexism
  • The personal experience of the employee
  • The worker’s tolerance for sexism
  • The ideology on the problems of inequality between women and men

The answers to the questionnaires will be linked, specifies the daily, with criteria specific to the people surveyed, such as age. After analyzing the questionnaires, companies can “label of dedication”† The makers of the label then deliver ” actions and tools to make progress »

“In the coming years, we will then check whether the action plan has been followed and whether this translates into an improvement in the experience of employees.”Marie Desportes finally concludes on Parisian

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