These eight French cities welcome benches made from recycled pens

To promote anti-waste, the French brand BIC is launching an original campaign in eight cities in France. All summer long, city dwellers are invited to deposit their old pens at collection points. And if you’re a treasure hunter, you can also look for benches made from recycled pens. Anyone who finds the street furniture in question has a chance to win a fully catered weekend in France, in the region of his choice!

“When I grow up I will be a bank”† For more than ten years, the famous BIC brand has been recovering used pens to give them a second life and turn them into garden furniture: benches, but also chairs, picnic tables, flower boxes, etc.

An action that highlights the brand through a summer campaign conceived by the “Pedestrian Passage” agency, launched on June 25. The principle ? Several colorful benches designed from 7,800 recycled Bic pens will be installed across France. To adapt them, the brand called on the talents of the French-American illustrator Amy Jones. And until September 17, BIC consumers can deposit their old pens at the designated collection points in the operation’s partner cities.

In addition to promoting recycling and raising awareness of waste prevention, the operation is part of a tourism promotion approach: “These ballpoint pens, which have become public benches and hidden in the regions of France, allow you to discover or rediscover our heritage during the summer holidays”writes the brand in a press release.

Indeed, the banks will be spread over several cities in France (Carcassonne, Perpignan, Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, Bandol, Clichy). To make the adventure more exciting, the exact location of these benches has not been disclosed. Whether you live in one of these cities or are passing through this summer, this is the chance to look for these benches!

The key to this treasure hunt: a weekend in France for four people, in the region of your choice. To participate, simply take a photo with (or on) the couch and scan the QR code placed on the file. You have until August 13 to try your luck!

(ETX Daily Up)

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