Independent home: what if you store your home’s solar energy in a closet?

Living in a fully self-sufficient house with electricity. A dream that may soon become a reality thanks to various initiatives that have emerged recently. Like this Nantes start-up that launched a connected cabinet to store solar energy.

Install photovoltaic panels on the roof of his house to provide his own electricity. A solution considered by consumers, especially since the inflation of energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine. In fact, according to an Ademe survey published in 2020, 68% of the French population would be interested in self-production of photovoltaic electricity, even if it cost them more. So the trend is not new and is likely to increase in the current context.

Problem with self-consumption of electricity generated by solar panels: excess energy. Indeed, this surplus is usually wasted unless it is resold to a third-party supplier, which can quickly prove to be time-consuming and expensive.

A problem that Nantes entrepreneur Hubert Marionneau wanted to solve by founding the company Ubby Energy in 2020, specializing in custom solar storage systems to support individuals and companies in their quest for energy autonomy. His latest innovation? “Home Storage”, a smart cabinet designed to store solar energy. The first was installed in September 2021 and five have been in use since then.

Certified by Consuel standards, the device designed by Hubert Marionneau suggests not only to be able to use energy production at the desired rate, but also to “stock up”, for example in the event of a power outage or on a rainy day. To obtain it, all you need to do is send a request for quote by going directly to the “contact us” tab on the Ubby Energy website.

Home Storage is available for both companies and private individuals from 28,000 euros (including VAT). A price that includes the installation and wiring of the solar panels, the commissioning of the cabinet, the connectivity, support with the advance request for works, a surplus resale contract, as well as administrative assistance to prepare the application file for authorization to install the panels ( to be submitted to City Hall).

A large amount to be paid, moreover in one go, since payment in several installments is not offered. But the question is there: “Since the war in Ukraine and while the main energy suppliers have recently called for reductions in energy consumption, people have feared rising prices and the risk of energy shortages. At Ubby Energy, the amount offered is fixed and this guarantees autonomy. As a result, the more the price per kilowatt hour purchased increases, the more the return on investment time associated with Home Storage decreases.”pleads Hubert Maronneau, who indicates to have received “hundred quote requests” last June, following several articles in the national press devoted to his smart cabinet.

(ETX Daily Up)

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