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There will be no more tigers in the Fort Boyard show

It’s the end of an era. Kashmir and Tosca, the last two tigers of Fort Boyard, will finally be able to retire at the age of 5 and 11. Good news for these latest felines still active, in line with the concerns of viewers of France 2

No more cutouts showing the two tigers prowling around the mythical fortress of Charente-Maritime. The two tigers are about to retire. The news was announced on Thursday, February 24 by Adventure Line productions (ALP), the show’s production company.

A well deserved rest for Kashmir and Tosca. “ALP and France Télévisions will spend until the end of their lives an amount (them) that will enable them to continue to receive all the necessary care and to end life with respect for the animal dignity that is dear to us”specifies a press release from the production company adding that their “breeder-trainer” must continue to care for them.

A decision that is part of the evolution of the viewers mentality explains ALP, but also of the law. Since November 18, 2021, a law passed by parliament provides for the gradual ban on wild animals in circuses, dolphinariums and amusement parks.

A legal limitation that animal protection organizations do not fail to emphasize:

“It is unfortunate that the decision is made by a legal constraint rather than an ethical approach associated with greater respect for the wildlife and its needs”underlines Christophe Marie, spokesperson for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, interviewed by AFP

For the PETA Association: “Better late than never! The animal rights organization therefore applauds this decision and “encourages the show to commit to no longer using animals, so that the legend of Fort Boyard really comes into the zeitgeist”

Whatever the motives of the production company, one thing is certain, the place of animals in the audiovisual landscape is indeed changing. And it’s for the best!

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