The United States will soon have its first-ever 100% vegan cooking competition on television

Say goodbye to “snacked” meats and barbecued fish, a new 100% vegan cooking show is coming EUnited States. Dubbed “Peeled”, this unique concept has everything from a culinary competition like top chef, except for one detail: from the jury to the candidates, everyone is vegan. Objective: to better represent plant-based gastronomy on regular television.

This summer, the United States will host its first televised 100% vegan cooking competition. This unique show, called “Peeled”, was launched by the founders of the vegan platform vKind, who wanted to give more visibility to vegan cuisine. “As a vegan and foodie, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with cooking shows. Peeled will allow vegans and vegetarians to enjoy these shows again and give vegan culinary arts a platform to be taken seriously.”said Star Simmons, founder of vKind and creator of Peeled, quoted by Vegetable news

A 100% vegan cast

In this program, professional vegan chefs will have to prove their skills and their passion for plant-based gastronomy in each episode, offering them different challenges. The person with the lowest score is eliminated, the others let the adventure continue…until victory. The winner of the show will receive a large sum of money, to be donated to a charity of their choice.

The dishes of the candidates are judged by an exclusively vegan jury. dr. Miles Woodruff, CEO of vegan brand Sophie’s Kitchen, celebrity chef Chris Tucker and executive chef Josie Clemens have been chosen to fill the role. Vegan Chef Babette Davis and Dr. Shabnam Islam, also a vegan, will host the show.

Promote vegan brands

In addition to honoring the know-how of vegan chefs, peeled also plans to provide a showcase for vegan brands, which are not always known to the general public. “We are especially excited to provide vegan brands with a new platform to showcase their products to an audience hungry for vegan alternatives. We are rolling out the green carpet to companies of all sizes that contribute to the VegEconomy”the vKind founder told Plant based News

Shooting for the show is still underway in Las Vegas at the Vegas facility Vegan Culinary School and eatery, which is none other than the first all-vegan cooking school in the United States. Until the program kicks off this summer, the cast members will be featured in a series of video interviews on vKind’s YouTube channel.

Watch the trailer for the show:

A program where plants take center stage on the board, what more could you want? Maybe the same in France?

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