The storm Eunice filmed by Breton photographers: a beautiful video

Every year Brittany has to deal with storms. For novice photographers, beginners or professionals, these meteorological phenomena are an opportunity to capture images of great beauty. Example with this lavish film shot this weekend on the coast of Finistère.

Storm Eunice swept across northwestern Europe. In France, wind gusts of up to 115 km/h were recorded in Penmarc’h and Brignogan, in Finistère. The chance for Erwan Lebourdais and Erwan Poirier to grab their lenses and start photographing the raging sea. This Friday, February 17, between Le Conquet and Porspoder, the Breton duo observed this impressive ballet of waves for 8 hours.

And as a reward for their efforts, the photographers made a video of less than three minutes, they explain to the media Sails and sailboats“We filmed without really believing in it, without saying anything, a little stunned by the elements and dazed by such a spectacle. †

In particular, we discover the lighthouse Four, located along the Saint-Laurent peninsula, affected by the storm Eunice. Beautiful images, especially since this lighthouse was classified as a historic monument in 2017. Look at:

It took courage and patience to film the Eunice storm for almost 8 hours, but when you see the result, you better understand the challenge of this waiting… To discover the work of Erwan Lebourdais, it is here, and that by Erwan Poirier is here .

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