Did you not sleep all night? Here are 8 tips for surviving the next day.

Insomnia, stress or even a drunken evening… For various reasons, your night was not the most restful. You slept badly or at least not enough to feel good. Problem: You have a mountain of work ahead of you, but you can’t concentrate or keep your eyes open. Do not panic ! There are some simple and effective tips for surviving a difficult morning after. Diet, exercise, nap: we present eight tips to get you through the day.

Wake up your body gently

Despite your short night, your alarm clock tells you it’s time to get up. Instead of abruptly leaving your mattress, spare your tired body and stretch while lying down. “This allows the body to be mobilized without harming it. Once seated on the edge of the bed, you can make gentle turns; the right hand on the left knee and vice versa”advises Nicole Tripier, naturopath, interviewed by Madame Le Figaro

You can then do some breathing exercises to activate and relax your diaphragm. Finally, if you feel like it, don’t hesitate to give yourself a few minutes to take a yoga class at home. In the video below, Julia Akasha Yoga offers you to wake up quietly from your bed, thanks to ten minutes of exercise.

Take an invigorating shower

To give you a boost out of bed, slip into the shower. Start by washing with warm water (but not too much) and finish with a cold water rinse for about 30 seconds. This allows your blood to circulate better and your body is revitalized. Invigorating effect guaranteed! In addition, don’t hesitate to sprinkle a little water on your face to wake you up.

Stay hydrated with water

Remember to drink some water after a restless night. Slight dehydration can indeed tire the body and intensify the symptoms of sleep deprivation (headache, lack of concentration, etc.). You can start your day right by drinking two large glasses of water in the morning on an empty stomach. Then remember to drink water regularly throughout the day. This water supply also allows you to drain and dispose of any accumulated toxins.

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Drink coffee, but not too much

After a restless night, the first instinct we often have is to grab a cup of coffee. This drink contains caffeine whose stimulant effect can last for six to eight hours after absorption, according to Jean-Christophe Corvol, a neurologist and pharmacologist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, interviewed by Street89† What makes it a good ally to stay awake. However, it is recommended to drink it early in the morning, at the rate of one to two cups. Swallowed after a certain hour, coffee can prevent you from falling asleep that same night.

For the rest of the day, opt for alternatives to coffee or plain water. In any case, avoid drinking energy drinks after 4 pm, so as not to jeopardize your sleep the next night.

Provide a suitable breakfast

If you didn’t sleep well because your night was particularly wet the night before, you probably won’t be hungry when you wake up. In this case, do not force yourself and hydrate yourself first. You can gulp down a light meal such as fruit or yogurt while waiting for a mid-morning snack or early lunch. If you are hungry, opt for a healthy and balanced breakfast, favoring protein, grains and fruits such as bananas. Avoid foods that are too sugary, which will cause your blood sugar to rise, followed by a drop, leading to food cravings. In addition, sugar will affect your liver and pancreas, making your body fatigued.

If you have the time and inclination, you can also make a porridge based on oatmeal, decorated with nuts, fruits and mashed oilseeds. Enough to provide you with a healthy, complete and satisfying meal that will give you the energy you need to get through the day without weighing you down.

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Ventilate and expose yourself to daylight

As soon as you wake up, open curtains, shutters or other things to let natural light into your home. “In the morning it is essential to reactivate the sleep-wake synchronisers. By incorporating natural light as soon as you wake up, you let the body understand it’s time to wake up, you get it going again.” explains Séverine Brune, a psychologist specializing in the treatment of insomnia, to our colleagues at Madame Le Figaro† In particular, exposure to morning light stimulates the production of cortisol, a hormone related to our physical shape.

Taking in the light is good, but breathing the air is better! If you have the chance, don’t hesitate to go outside and get some fresh air. This allows you to remove toxins and replenish oxygen. You can also take the opportunity to take a short walk or, if you feel like it, go for a jog to get your body into action. Effective to wake up!

Take a micro nap if necessary

The day after a short night, you may experience drowsiness. But there is no need to overcome the urge to sleep at all costs. If you want to rest, try the micro-nap, which usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. Closing your eyes for a few minutes can help you regain some energy and reduce the stress of your likely tiring day. But unlike a long nap, the micro-nap will not put you into a phase of slow sleep from which it is sometimes difficult to free yourself. Plus, it won’t compromise sleep quality the next night.

If your need for rest is related to a safety issue, such as when you have to hit the road, you can opt for a slightly longer nap. However, avoid for longer than 30 minutes, so as not to enter a confused state of sleep intoxication.

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Listen to music that gets you excited

A lack of sleep can make your day overwhelming. To find some motivation and put you in a good mood, don’t hesitate to listen to music that makes you happy. You can play your favorite songs on your phone, your car stereo or even your home speakers to brighten up your day. Do not hesitate to dance to energetic music to find the fishing! Even for a few minutes it can do you a lot of good.

By applying these few tips, you have the chance to survive a day of school or work after a short night. Try to go to bed early at night so you can recover and regain your energy the next night!

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